Cadillac, Kalamazoo and Back: My Michigan Johnny Cash Ride

Of all the tours I had planned for 2020, the Michigan Johnny Cash ride was the one I most wanted to get done this year. On Aug. 22-23, that mission was accomplished. The ride is part of my ongoing riding project for which I am riding to all the places in the United States mentioned in the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

Tour Report: Down South Ride 2020

Trip Description I will not be able to attend this year’s MotoAmerica round at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, so I decided to take a two-day ride to Spartanburg, S.C. and back to get a ride on the West Virginia Turnpike this year, as well as photograph my Yamaha FJR1300 at several scenic overviews I discovered… Continue reading Tour Report: Down South Ride 2020

Looking back on my SaddleSore 1000

Well, it was finally done in the wee hours of the morning on June 7, and I still don’t know how to feel about completing my Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000 ride. On the one hand, it’s great to have a membership in the IBA pending. That said, the ride was anything but exciting. For… Continue reading Looking back on my SaddleSore 1000

Unexpected Fun: My End of May Rides

After a couple successful outings on my Yamaha FJR1300 during Memorial Day weekend, I decided to try out a couple loop routes the next weekend that I had created on Google Maps . The routes included some roads I had ridden before -- though that was five or more years ago -- but I was… Continue reading Unexpected Fun: My End of May Rides

Ride Report: Memorial Day Weekend 2020

With travel restrictions in Ohio freshly lifted, I was ready to put a few hundred miles on my 2008 Yamaha FJR1300 during this year’s Memorial Day weekend. Though I didn’t achieve the 700 miles I had hoped to ride, I ended up getting a chance to ride with a friend/re-entry rider; got to ride one… Continue reading Ride Report: Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Ride Report: Beaverdam and Back 2020

Despite chilly conditions, I used Saturday afternoon to take my first “real” motorcycle ride of 2020--my traditional season-opening run to Beaverdam, Ohio. While the ride over mostly flat terrain was cold and unimaginative, the shakedown cruise went smoothly--spare realizing I had forgotten to reinstall a couple small parts--and Jadzia the Yamaha FJR1300 is now ready… Continue reading Ride Report: Beaverdam and Back 2020

The Most Scenic Places I’ve Visited on a Motorcycle

I credit my love of motorcycles for providing the motivation to discover some amazing scenic views. If I hadn’t started riding, I wouldn’t have had a reason to travel through the areas where I found many of the places listed below.  There’s something very peaceful and serene about enjoying a stunning view of the earth’s… Continue reading The Most Scenic Places I’ve Visited on a Motorcycle

Fast Mike’s Favorite Roads to Ride in Upstate New York

If my last post was a homer article, this one is a hometown article. Upstate New York is where I grew up, as well as where I learned to ride a motorcycle after I got my license at age 23. My family is from the Rochester area, and I went to college/graduate school in Buffalo… Continue reading Fast Mike’s Favorite Roads to Ride in Upstate New York

Fast Mike’s Favorite Roads in Ohio

This is a bit of a homer piece, but Ohio isn’t as flat and boring as many think. Yes, large parts of central, western and northeast Ohio are well-glaciated terrain, but southeast Ohio is home to some of the best motorcycling roads I’ve ridden.  Here--in no particular order--are a few of my favorite Ohio motorcycling… Continue reading Fast Mike’s Favorite Roads in Ohio

Fast Mike’s Favorite Motorcycle Destinations, Part 4 (Landmarks)

Museums aren’t the only history-themed stops I like to make on a tour. While many landmarks lack some of the amenities that museums offer—like shelter from the elements—their existence marks a place or event that has been memorialized in the minds of other people. That, by itself, should give us reason to pause and take… Continue reading Fast Mike’s Favorite Motorcycle Destinations, Part 4 (Landmarks)